Our Thermoforming Mouth Trays will form fit to your teeth when prepared per the instructions in your kit. If you need to order replacement trays, you can do in the Products section of our online store.

DO NOT DO BOTH TRAYS AT THE SAME TIME. Remember to do the upper and the lower trays individually, starting from boiling the water. Keep in mind that everyone’s source of heat will vary and some electric stoves may not heat water evenly. Try to use a level burner with even heat when boiling the water. 

DO NOT PUT YOUR TRAY INTO BOILING WATER. Once the water is boiling, take the water rest (off-heat) for one minute before doing your first tray. This will reduce the possibility of the tray overheating and will also make it so that the tray will not be too hot when you mold it to your teeth.

DO NOT SUBMERGE A TRAY FOR TOO LONG. It only takes about 5 seconds. Remove your tray from the hot water as soon as it begins to wilt. Leaving a tray submerged for too long may cause it to fold over and stick to itself. If this happens to only the back ends of a tray, it’s okay—the back teeth aren’t visible when you smile and you may still be able to apply gel to the rest of the tray in order to proceed with your treatment. If the trays did not melt enough, you can repeat the thermoforming process. Remember to let the boiling water rest off-heat for one minute before submerging a tray. 

YOU MUST REPEAT THE ENTIRE PROCESS FOR EACH TRAY. After you have molded your first tray, start the process for your next tray by boiling the water again and following the instructions the same way you did for the first tray.

FOR A BETTER FIT: Once you place the tray to your teeth to mold it, while biting down, press the tray against your teeth around the outside with your fingers and use your tongue to press the tray against the back of your teeth.