To redeem your voucher, go to our Redemptions page by clicking our store logo above to return to our store. Type or paste your voucher code into the Voucher Code box, then click the Redeem Offer button. Each time you submit a voucher code, you will be redirected to your cart page where your item will be automatically added and your voucher will apply itself under your sub-total. 

If you have more than one voucher to redeem, you can put each one on the same order by simply going back to the Redemption page to submit your next code (another kit will add itself to your cart and that code will also apply itself). You must do this for each individual voucher code.

You must complete checkout by clicking the “Complete Order” button to complete the redemption process.

To find your voucher code, login to your Groupon or LivingSocial account and visit the MyGroupons (Groupon) or My Vouchers (LivingSocial) section. You can also view your vouchers from the Groupon or LivingSocial apps on your smart device. Clicking “Redeem” on the voucher itself will not redeem your item for shipment. To receive your purchase, you must redeem your voucher by submitting your code on our Redemption page.

Your voucher redemption code will only be about 8–13 characters long. It may contain letters or a combination of both letters and numbers, with or without a dash (your voucher redemption code will not begin with LG or LS). If you have inadvertently marked your voucher as redeemed from within your Groupon or LivingSocial app and you no longer have access to view the code, please contact Groupon or LivingSocial Customer Support to obtain your voucher code.

After you complete the voucher redemption process, you will receive a confirmation via email. A tracking number will be emailed to you within 1–2 business days of successful redemption. Please remember to check your spam/junk email folders in addition to your regular inbox. You can also view the status of your voucher redemption by logging into your store account and clicking on your “Orders” section. If you have not received your redemption confirmation within 24 hours of redeeming your voucher, please make sure that the email address you provided is correct. If not, please contact our support team by submitting a ticket.